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City Council Minutes 10/16/2008 - Special Meeting
11:00 P.M.

The Salem City Council met in special session at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 16, 2008, at the Economic Development Office, 321 West Main Street, Salem, Illinois for the following purpose:

To hear a presentation regarding Waste to Energy concept from Mrs. Tess Morrison, Director of International Trade Management Services from Mahomet, Illinois, who has been working with a company, W2E to research viable municipalities to incorporate the W2E process.

Present at the meeting were:
Mayor Leonard E. Ferguson
Councilman Tom Carr
Councilman Harold Blank
City Manager Thomas F. Christie
Public Works Director John W. Pruden
Economic Development Director Tracey McDaneld
Economic Development Administrative Assistant Theresa Trebotich
Assistant City Manager Bev West
Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce Director Art Carnahan
Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce Administrative Assistant Brenda Wilson
Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce President TJ Burge
SBIC President Jim Somer
SBIC Member/Tri-County Electric Director of Member Services Bruce Barkau
SBIC Member/Kaskaskia College Small Business Development Todd Tracy
John Scattergood, Salem Times-Commoner
Bruce Kropp, WJBD Radio

Economic Director Tracey McDaneld welcomed attendees and introduced Tess Morrison., who is an independent consultant working with W2E.

The purpose of Ms. Morrison’s presentation was to illustrate W2E’s technology to utilize wasted domestic resources, such as municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste such as sludge and used tires to convert them in a practical and environmentally safe manner into renewable energy.

The presentation included:

·       W2E Target Wastes
·       Advantages of the TurnW2E Gasifier
·       Waste Treatment Cycle
·       Basics of W2E Technology
·       W2E Solutions – Municipal Solid Waste
Farm/Dairy Waste
Industrial Waste – Used Tires
Petroleum Waste
Low quality Coal to energy
·       W2E Technology
·       What is Gasification
·       Why Gasification
·       Waste Utilization
·       Process Flow
·       Design of a Gasifier Plant
·       Environmental Benefits
·       Advantages of the TurnW2E Gasifier
·       Possible Products From MSW –
·       Business Model
·       Revenue Stream
·       Contact Information

During the discussion portion of the presentation, many attendees expressed interest in the program, but had concerns regarding the permitting process through EPA, costs, company financials, revenue streams, etc.  Although the company is preparing to start up its first plant in India within the next month or two, and there are plants in the preparation stage at Ellis AFB, Anchorage, AK and State University of NY, Albany, NY, there are no W2E Plants in operation at this time.

The group adjourned to lunch at 12:20 p.m.

Jane Marshall
City Clerk

By Bev West, Deputy City Clerk