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City Council Minutes 2010 07-06

TUESDAY - JULY 6, 2010
 6:00 P.M.
I.      Call to Order
II.     Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
III.    Approval of Minutes, June 21, 2010
IV.     Presentation of Petitions/Public Comments
V.      Mayor’s Report and Presentations
VI.     City Council Action  
1.      Second Reading – Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 – Off Premise Signs
2.      Bid Awards – 2010 MFT Street Maintenance – Oil & Chip
Following Reports:
3.      Executive Session :  (5 ILCS 120/2) (c ) (1) To discuss Compensation of Specific Employees
4.      Approval of Closed Session Minutes of  June 21, 2010
VII.    City Manager Report
VIII.   City Attorney Report
IX.     City Council Report
X.      Adjournment

Thomas F. Christie
City Manager

TUESDAY,   JULY 06, 2010
6:00 P.M.

The Salem City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, July 6, 2010, at the hour of 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Salem City Hall.  The meeting was called to order by Mayor.
Council Members present upon roll call:
        Councilman Kip Meador
        Councilman Steve Huddlestun
        Councilman David Black
        Councilman Tom Carr
        Mayor Leonard E. Ferguson
Others Present:
City Manager Thomas F. Christie
City Attorney Michael R. Jones
City Clerk Jane Marshall
Finance Director Marilyn Shook
Public Works Director John Pruden
Chief of Police Ron Campo
Code Enforcement Officer Brad Crow
Assistant to the City Manager Bev West
Recreation Director Sherry Daniels
Economic Development Director Tracey McDaneld
Media:  Salem Times Commoner, WJBD Radio, Centralia Sentinel,
and USSonet, along with several members of the public.
DOEM Director Terry Mulvany
Library Director Kim Keller

Opening prayer led by Councilman Carr, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

III.    APROVAL OF MINUTES – June 21, 2010
Minutes of Regular City Council Meeting of June 21, 2010 were presented for review.  
Councilman Black moved and Councilman Huddlestun seconded the motion to approve the minutes of Regular Council Meeting of June 21, 2010 and waive the reading.  
Councilman Carr commented he appreciated his comments that were put in the minutes regarding June7th minutes.  Roll call vote.  AYES:  Councilmen Carr, Meador, Huddlestun, and Black.  NAYS:  None.  Motion declared carried.

IV.     Presentation of Petitions/Public Comments
No petitions or comments.
V.      Mayor’s Report and Presentations
No report.  

VI.     City Council Action  
1.      Second Reading - Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 – Off Premise Signs
An ordinance was presented for second reading that would amend Chapter 6 of the City Code regarding hardship off premise signs.  If approved, it would permit signs if a business is at least 250 feet from the closest city street or state highway.  The sign must meet requirements of section 6-142 regarding freestanding signs; be within 750 feet from the business location; and cannot be erected on property without the property owner’s written permission.  

City Manager Christie commented he has no problem with the proposed amendment; he does think the use will be limited.    

Councilman Black suggested the amendment should state “signs would be permitted if a business is at least 250 feet or can not be seen from the closest city street or state highway”.  He was concerned about helping to promote businesses that are not visible from the main streets.  

City Manager Christie found it difficult to define the distance that would be permitted if this was included; on the other hand, a person could go to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

Councilman Carr voiced objection to the proposed amendment because there is an option to take requests before the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

At the request of Mayor Ferguson to read into the record, Councilman Carr read in its entirety the following e-mail messages from Jo Stallings and Alan Wilson regarding Off Premise Signs:
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 5:37 AM
Subject: Re: Off-Premises Signs

Thank you Tom for supporting the Planning Commission.~ We are very pro business and wanted so badly to do anything we could to promote it; however the ordinance is a good one and though it has taken a number of years to help Salem become a more attractive city, the very slow process of ridding it of miscellaneous unattractive and useless off-premise signs has helped.~ I would like to have involved Keep Salem Beautiful in this discussion; however Jane would have been placed in an uncomfortable position so that hasn't even been brought up by the Planning Commission.
I won't be able to be at the meeting.~~ I did watch the proceedings on US Sonet and Councilman Black mentioned other cities don't have this ordinance.~ If you check with Bev she will tell you differently.~ More cities our size and larger have the same type ordinance---Mt. Vernon for instance.~ I hope Alan Wilson can attend the meeting.~ He has been with the Commission the longest I believe and understands the whys of it all.~ Dennis Hampton (Chairman now) has also been on the Commission a long time.~ You're right, the Purple Elephant request for a sign has little to do with the current ordinance, they do have a hardship should they not be able to purchase the ground adjoining their property.~ So I think they meet the guidelines the Zoning Board of Appeals would consider as a hardship.~ Even if they are able to purchase the ground in near Route 50 East, I think they still meet hardship criteria in being so far east of town and hidden. I would hesitate to just let Brad Crow decide who meets the hardship criteria and who doesn't.~ Personnel changes will create inconsistencies I think. The Zoning Board of Appeals will be very considerate of hardships--their members are as understanding of the whys and wherefores as the Planning Commission and they are~ thorough and considerate.~ The realtor who spoke at the Council meeting about the process he went through didn't remember the procedure he went through correctly.~~
Thank you again for your efforts to be informed!~ I think Planning Commission members were encouraged by all you have done.~~~ Jo Stallings
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Off-Premises Signs

I will not be able to attend this evening as I have another meeting.  To me, the issue here is not whether the Purple Elephant should have a sign -- given their location and circumstances, they should.~ The issue is how to best allow this.~ An Amendment to the sign code will last for years and perhaps have unintended consequences in the future.~ A variance has a much smaller risk of unintended consequences and solves the problem at hand.
Councilman Black also expressed concern that a person is required to pay $100.00 to request a variance; to which it was explained that this fee is to cover the publication costs involved.  

Councilman Huddlestun summarized that the City Council is “business friendly”; that there is a procedure to go through and the variance process is working; although it is a lengthy process, perhaps it could be sped up.    

Following additional discussion, Mayor Ferguson called for motion:  No motion was heard.  
Passage of Agenda Item 1 – Ordinance amending Chapter 6 regarding Off Premise Signs failed due to a lack of a motion.    

2.  Bid Awards – 2010 MFT Street Maintenance – Oil & Chip
Bid proposals were requested for 2010 MFT Street Maintenance Materials with bid opening on June 21, 2010.  Two bids were received for CM-16 Pea Gravel with the low bid being from Quad-County Ready Mix for a unit price of $11.85, total price of $13,295.70.  There were no bids received for Seal Coat RS-2.  Bid proposals were re-advertised and opened on July 6, 2010 with one bid being received from Marathon Petroleum for Seal Coat RS-2 for a unit price of $2.2185 per gallon for a total cost of $67,540.01.  Public Works Director Pruden concurred with the recommendation of the City’s Engineer, Jim Calhoon to accept the low bid from Quad-County for pea gravel and the bid from Marathon Petroleum for seal coat RS-2.   Councilman Black moved and Councilman Huddlestun seconded the motion to accept the low bid from Quad County Ready Mix for CM-16 pea gravel at a unit price of $11.85, total cost of $13,295.70; and the bid from Marathon Petroleum for seal coat RS-2, unit price of $2.2185, total cost of $67,540.01.  Roll call vote.  AYES:  Councilmen Meador, Huddlestun, Black, and Meador.   NAYS:  None.  Motion declared carried.
VII.    City Manager Report
1.      The registration process and fees for IML Conference (Illinois Municipal League) has changed allowing each individual attendee to choose which days they will be attending.  He suggested that Council review the application and advise the City Clerk so that reservations can be made for the conference and hotel
2.      Grants application – ITEP (Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program) – 82/20 grant application due August 31st.  He met with Public Works Director Pruden and Economic Development Director McDanield regarding this and it was suggested that a walk/bike trail around Bryan Park, est. cost $280,000 would fit the criteria of this grant.  
3.      Grant Application – PARC (Park and Recreation Facilities Grant) 75/25 –  Scott Hester has been asked to look at enhancement to the pool.  

VIII.   City Attorney Report – no report

IX.     City Council Report
Councilman Carr  - Commented it was a great July 4th Fireworks display
Commented he saw in the St. Louis newspaper an article regarding prescription drug collections, adding it would be good have one here.  

Councilman Meador – commented about the pea gravel along the roads and asked Public Works Director Pruden if there is some way to sweep it back in the road.  Pruden indicated he will send the sweeper to Woodland and Prairieview tomorrow.    

Councilman Huddlestun –  No report.  

Councilman Black – asked for clarification about the US Route 50 Coalition; to which Mayor Ferguson commented that there are different coalitions working on sections of US Route 50 – our group starts with Salem and ends at the Indiana border.  There is another group around Carlyle that is working on Lebanon issues.  

Following Reports:
3.       Executive Session: 5ILCS 120/2) (1) To discuss Compensation of Specific Employees
At 6:44 p.m. Councilman Black moved and Councilman Carr seconded the motion to enter into Executive Session for purpose to discuss compensation of specific employees.
 Roll call vote.  AYES:  Councilmen Huddlestun, Black, Carr, and Meador.  NAYS:  None.  Motion declared carried.

Return to Open Session at 7:45 p.m.

4.       Approval of Closed Session Minutes of  June 21, 2010

Councilman Black moved and Councilman Carr seconded the motion approve the minutes of Closed Session Minutes of June 21, 2010.   Roll call vote.  AYES:  Councilmen Black, Carr, Meador, and Huddlestun.  NAYS:  None.  Motion declared carried.

X.      Adjournment
There being no further business for discussion at 7:49 p.m.Councilman Black moved and Councilman Meador seconded the motion to adjourn. Roll call vote.  AYES:  Councilmen Carr, Meador, Huddlestun, and Black.  NAYS:  None.  Motion declared carried.

Jane Marshall, CMC
City Clerk

Minutes Approved by City Council 7/19/2010.