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Water Treatment Frequently Asked Questions
Is there Fluoride in my water?


What is the hardness of our water?

The hardness is measured as 40 to 120 mgl, this range varies from winter to summer.  During the winter months the snow has no water hardness as it melts into the reservoir.  This affects the alkalinity levels in the water.  During the summer months the hot temperatures cause an increase in the algae growth and bacteria growth which also affects the alkalinity of the water causing the range to be higher.

What is the purpose of the fountain on the reservoir?

The main purpose of the fountain in the center of the reservoir is aeration.  Aerating the water allows for a more stable lake water temperature helping to better control the quality of the water.  The second purpose of the fountain is the beauty and the calming sound of the water.  The colored lights are added at night for esthetics.