City of Salem, IL
101 South Broadway, Salem IL 62881
ph: (618) 548-2222
Buxton Report
In August of 2007, Salem released the findings of the Retail Site Assessment conducted by Buxton and the CommunityID program.  The City decided it was necessary to leverage the strengths of their trade area and grow their retail sector by applying aggressive marketing techniques. It is a pro-active system that has been immediately implemented.

The CommunityID process identifies and analyzes all the households in the drivetime
trade area. Based on more than 4,500 categories of lifestyles, purchase
behaviors and media reading and viewing habits (psychographics), the households
in our trade area were profiled to gain an understanding of the types of retailers
that would be attracted to our community.

Once the trade area profile was determined, the CommunityID process matched the profile to the preferred customer profiles of thousands of retailers and restaurants. With this analysis, we were able to identify which companies will view Salem as an opportunity to establish a retail or restaurant presence.

If you are interested in viewing the Buxton Retail Site Assessment in its entirety, please send an email request to