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In 2002, The Pathfinders, a nationally respected labor force analysis group, stated the following:
The Salem/Marion County area workforce received relatively good marks for productivity.  Many of the companies interviewed stated that their local operations compared favorably with operations in other location in terms of profitability and production, indicative not only of good management but also of a productive workforce.  Based upon the experience of The Pathfinders in evaluating labor forces in numerous locations, a definite correlation between productivity, absentee rates, tardiness rates, and turnover appears to exist.  That correlation goes beyond the fact that an absent worker is unproductive.  Rather, those factors are indicative of an employee’s attitude toward the job.  The companies in the Salem/Marion County region interviewed judged absenteeism and tardiness to be low.  Most of the companies reported turnover to be low to moderate.  Most stated further that substance abuse incidence is generally low.

Another common employer complaint relates to the shortage of skilled workers.  The availability of skilled workers in the Salem/Marion County region must be viewed from the perspective of comparative availability when other areas of the state and nation are considered.  Skilled workers are in great demand and difficult to find in the vast majority of locations.  Of the companies in the labor shed interviewed, 47% considered skilled worker availability to be “Excellent” or “Good”, while 42% considered skilled worker availability in the area to be “Fair”.  Over 60% of the interviewed companies rated the availability of unskilled workers in the labor shed as “Excellent” or “Good”.