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Street Oiling
Weather permitting, the City of Salem will be oil and chipping the following streets on Monday July 16, 2018.  Work should begin after 8:00A and be completed by 4:00P.  Residents are reminded not to park along these streets this day ,not drive on fresh oil, and not to blow grass onto the streets.   

Monday July 16, 2018:  Salem, IL – oil & chip

Street                        From               To      

Missouri                      Main                end                             

W. Blair                       Hotze               end                             

S. Hotze                       Carpenter Dr.  city limits                   

W. Blair                       College                        Westgate                    

Westgate                     Blair                Mitchell                      

S. Franklin                   Blair                Sanger                        

W. Sanger                   Broadway        end                             

W. Lester                     Maple              College                                   

S. Maple                      Commercial    Sanger                        

S. Pearl                        Commercial    Sanger                        

W. Commercial           Broadway        end                             

S. Walnut                     Wells               old dog pound            

W. Lake                       College                        Radiac                        
S. Franklin                   Lake                 College                                   

W. Mitchell                 College                        Whittaker                   

W. Mitchell                 Broadway        College                                   

E. Mitchell                   Broadway        Marion                                   

S. Franklin                   Mitchell           Main                           

W. Elm                                    Castle              Franklin                      

S. Lincoln                     Whittaker        Main                           

W. Elm                                    Lincoln             Pruyn                          

Pruyn                           Whittaker        Main                           

W. Elm                                    Vincent            end                             

W. McMackin             Lincoln             Pruyn                          

W. Church                   Lincoln             Pearl                           

W. McMackin             College                        Castle                         

S. Pearl                        Whittaker        Main                           

W. Locust                    College                        Walnut                                   

E. Locust                      Washington     Marion