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Police: Frequently Asked Questions
Can I have Police patrol while I am on vacation?
If you are planning a vacation and want us to check your house occasionally while you are gone then stop by and fill out a vacation house check request.  This service is provided free of charge to Salem residents.

Why should I fingerprint my child?
A person's fingerprints never change, and are one of the most valuable investigative tools available to law enforcement.  In the unfortunate event of a missing child, fingerprints can be used to track the movements of the child and the abductor.  During the crucial first moments after a child is discovered missing, parents are often too emotionally upset to remember details such as the child's height, weight, and blood type.  Our Child Identification Kits condense this information into a compact file that can be simply handed to the first investigators on the scene.

How can fingerprinting protect my child from abduction?
Fingerprinting won't help to prevent abduction, or even keep a child from running away.  However, fingerprinting a child will likely encourage dialog between parents and the child about the issue of safety.  Fingerprint America's Child Safety Activity Book and other products are available as sources of safety rules and tips for both parent and child.

Why do I need to update Fingerprints?  I thought they never change.
As a child grows, the ridges become better defined and higher quality prints can be captured. Children over the age of three should have their fingerprints updated every two years until the age of 14.