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Frequently Asked Questions
City Clerk
Does the City have a business license requirement?

A license is required to operate a Mobile Food or Liquid Vendor business, such as a “Sno Cone Truck” and also a City License is required to operate a Taxi Business.   A Solicitors Permit is required for door-to-door solicitations.   The City does not require licenses for other type businesses; however building permits are required for new construction or additions to existing buildings.  Also one should consult with the City regarding zoning regulations.    

If you are working out of your home you are required to obtain a Home Occupation Permit.

Where can I get information on East Lawn Cemetery?

The City Clerk maintains East Lawn Cemetery records and issues cemetery deeds for grave spaces.  You may contact the City Clerk to find out where an individual is interred.    You should consult with the Cemetery Supervisor at the cemetery to choose a grave space location.   He will then complete a Request For Purchase of Grave Space form that will be returned, along with payment, to the City Clerk for issuance of the deed.  

How can I get the name of a veteran added to the Veterans Memorial?

Deceased Veterans who lived in Marion County may be listed on the Veterans Memorial located at East Lawn Cemetery.  Names will be added to the memorial during the month of May each year.  The Request for Adding Name of Deceased Veteran form must be submitted to the office of the City Clerk by April 1st.   (see downloadable forms)  Friends and relatives of the veterans made this Memorial possible through their generous donations.  It is not mandatory that you make a donation; however donations are appreciated.  

Where do I get copies of my birth certificate?

Birth Certificates and Death Certificates are filed with the Marion County Clerk at the Marion County Court House.  Phone 618-548-3400

Where do I pay my court fines?

Court fines are paid at the Marion County Circuit Clerk’s office at the Marion County Court House.  618-548-3856.