City of Salem, IL
101 South Broadway, Salem IL 62881
ph: (618) 548-2222
Today, the exchange of information and data has supplanted the need to be located near waterways, railroads and highways as the most critical location choice.  Salem, Illinois is the national leader in fiber to home (41%) and fiber to business (100%).  The advent of super high speed voice, video and data is available to individuals and businesses in Salem at a rate of 4 tera bytes a second

The digital divide between rural communities and urban cities does not exist in Salem.  US Sonnet, a leader in super speed communications started in 1999 and provides:  access to high speed internet; affordable local and long distance phone service; digital t.v. and video on demand; home automation and security monitoring, as well as a wide array of emerging consumer services.

“It’s getting easier and easier to do amazing things from wherever you happen to be in the world.  You can physically be anywhere as you do it, and you can affect the entire world with what you build.”
                                        Jeff Bezos, Founder,