City of Salem, IL
101 South Broadway, Salem IL 62881
ph: (618) 548-2222
I-57 Destination – North, South from Chicago, IL to Memphis, New Orleans

I-24 Destination – North, South from Salem, IL to Nashville and Chattanooga, TN

I-64 Destination – East, West from Norfolk, VA to St. Louis, MO

I-70 Destination – East, West from Baltimore, MD, Columbus, OH to Denver, CO

Federal Highway:
U.S. Rte. 50 Destination – East, West from St. Louis, MO to Cincinnati, OH

Salem is served by two railroads.  The CSX is a main East/West line, while the Union Pacific is a main line North/South.

Salem has its own foreign trade zone.  Additionally, within 100 miles are FTZ’s at a designated airfield and on a major inland waterway.

St. Louis – Lambert, 71 miles; Mid-America, 50 miles

Mt. Vernon Airport, 25 miles

Salem Leckrone Field, 1 mile (Local Airport: Salem Leckrone Field has a 4,100 ft. hard surface runway.  The airport has Unicom radio, instrument landing system and non-directional beacon.

Major City over 50,000 population:      
St. Louis, MO. – 71 miles

Evansville, IN. – 110 miles

“The I-57 & I-64 & I-70 corridor has allowed us to increase our market area and ability to expand our customer.  The fiber to door capacity of US Sonnet has provided our Salem location with state of the art communications and internet capacity.”
Gerald Purcell, Americana Building Materials