City of Salem, IL
101 South Broadway, Salem IL 62881
ph: (618) 548-2222
Enterprise Zone
12 Year, 100% Tax Abatement

Abated Taxes include:
o       Kaskaskia Community College District #501
o       Salem Airport Authority
o       Salem Fire Protection District
o       Salem Township Board of Trustees
o       Salem Township Highway Department
o       Selmaville Community Consolidated School District #10
o       Salem Community High School District #600
o       Salem Elementary School District #111

Industrial Projects
Those projects where the primary use of land and building(s) is of a manufacturing, assembly, wholesale or warehouse/distribution nature.

Construction of any part of a building that results in an increase in any exterior dimension of an existing building and has at least one wall or floor in common with an existing building.
The improvement of any part of an existing building that does not result in an increase in any exterior dimension of the building
The Improvement of any tract of land or site with a building where the interior space is encased by exterior walls, none of which are common along any plane or otherwise shared with an existing building.