Guidelines for Residence Demolition

The City of Salem issues demolition permits for demolition of all existing structures.  There is no charge for this permit.  Upon issuance of a permit, the City recommends the following areas be addressed to assure compliance with the permit:

  1. Removal of Utilities: The City of Salem is responsible for gas, water, and sewer utilities.  Please contact City Hall to have these removed prior to demolition. If gas and water services exist, and you wish to re-use these services in the future, please provide this information to the utility clerk at City Hall.  The building's sewer is to be located during demolition and capped to prevent stormwater entry.  If the sewer is no longer to be used, please provide a permanent cap to prevent stormwater entry.  Ameren IP, SBC Ameritech, Charter Cable, US Sonet, and possibly United Cities Gas may provide utility services that will need to be removed or relocated prior to demolition, and it will be the applicant's responsibility to contact all utility companies prior to initiation of work.
  2. Waste Removal: The City of Salem prohibits burning of all types of debris except dry limbs, and only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (No burning of construction or demolition debris, leaves, or grass clippings is allowed.)
  3. Permit Completion: Demolition permits are issued for a period of 60 days.  Should the need for an extension arise, your permit will need to be reissued by City Hall.  In order to complete your demolition permit, all trash and debris will have to be removed from the premises within the 60-day time limit.

This should serve as a minimum guideline to assist you with your demolition permit.  Should you have further questions, please contact the Public Works Department at City Hall.