Leaf Collection

During Leaf Vacuuming Season

The program provides residents with an alternate way to dispose of their leaves.  Residents who do not mulch or bag their leaves may simply rake leaves in long windrows next to the curb in front of their residence.  City crews will collect loose leaves from the curbside.  

Caution should be exercised so that leaves are not raked into sewer inlets or ditches or in front of fire hydrants.  

Do not rake twigs, branches, sticks, rocks, bottles, garden debris, etc. with the leaves; such items cause the equipment to breakdown.  Avoid parking your car in front of a large pile if possible and when raking, please try not to pile leaves where vehicles are parked.  It is difficult for the crew’s to work around parked cars.

The Public Works Department makes every effort to complete one cycle through town each week on your regular trash day.  Due to the volume of leaves being encountered and weather uncertainties, it is impossible for the City to guarantee leaf collection on a specific day.  Anytime during the year, residents can place their leaves in a biodegradable yard waste bag for pickup on their normal yard waste collection day.

Leaves in the gutters and ditches will cause stormwater to back-up and could cause blockage of the storm sewers.

Leaves picked up other than during the scheduled leaf vacuuming season MUST BE placed in yard waste bags.