1. Create an emergency communications plan by, choosing an out-of-town friend of family member your household will call to check on the well-being of your family.  Your selected contact should live far enough away that they will probably not be affected by the event.
  2. Assemble a disaster supplies kit by, including special need items for household members such as babies, the elderly and people with disabilities.  Also, be sure to include a first aid kit and a change of clothing for each family member.
  3. Establish a meeting place by, choosing a meeting place for your family should you have to evacuate your home.
  4. Check on your Childs school emergency plan.  Know if they will release your child to a designated person or if they will keep your child at school in their designated safe place.  Ask what kind of authorization is needed to release your child to someone else but you. 

If a Terrorist Attack occurs, remain calm, follow orders from local emergency officials, listen to radio, television news and NIXEL Salem Alerts for updates and instructions, check yourself and household members for injuries, shut off damaged utilities, secure your pets, contact your emergency contact and if possible, check on your neighbors.

If you are ordered to evacuate, wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and sturdy shoes.  Take your supplies kit and pets with you.  REMEMBER, pets are NOT permitted in public shelters so have arrangements made in advance for housing your pets.  Lock and secure your home.  Contact your emergency contact and inform them of your new location.  Shut off all utilities before leaving.  It is not recommended for children to watch news reports if the reports show pictures.  It may be frightening to children.  Persons in contact with biological or chemical agents may need to go through a decontamination procedure and or receive immediate medical attention.  For more information on first aid and AED/CPR classes, contact your local American Red Cross chapter located in your telephone directory or by visiting,www.redcross.org