Utility Rates


Deposit for residential customers: $100
Inside City Limits -
$14.45 first 1,000 gallons
$ 4.53 each additional 1,000 gal.
$10.88 first 1,000 gallons
$3.58 each additional 1,000 gal.
Outside City Limits -
$17.67 first 1,000 gallons
$10.81 each additional 1,000 gal.
$13.31 first 1,000 gallons
$4.33 each additional 1,000 gal.
Sanitation $13.50/mo.
(trash pickup)
Leaf Vac $2.00/mo.
(leaves vacuumed up)
Gas deposits for residential customers: $150.00
Natural Gas Rates change monthly.
The City of Salem operates its own natural gas system and sets the rates that its customers pay for natural gas (except supply charges – see below).  The charges paid by Salem’s customers are as follows:
Rate ClassBreaks (therms)Monthly Meter

Distribution Charge (per therm)

RC1 $5.00


Monthly Supply Charge:
January 2015 - $0.5778

In addition to the charges listed above, the City purchases natural gas from multiple sources, including from Citation Oil & Gas Corp. which maintains an oil and gas operation southwest of Salem.  The City passes on the cost of natural gas supply and related charges to its customers without markup.  The cost of gas supply fluctuates monthly.  For the month January 2015, the City charged $0.5778 per therm for natural gas, a charge which is added to those reported above.

Beginning in April 2015, the City will begin purchasing its natural gas using the assistance of Utility Gas Management (UGM).  UGM will help the City procure the most stable and cost-effective natural gas possible.