Duties & Responsibilities

Organization and powers.

The city council shall consist of the mayor and four (4) councilmen, elected at large from the city for four-year terms. The election of councilmen shall be biennial. The council shall be the legislative body of the city and its powers shall be purely legislative except as may otherwise be provided by statute.

(Code 1971, § 2.03(a))

General powers.

It is the duty of the council to pass all ordinances needed for the welfare of the city. It is also the duty of the council to provide for such offices as shall be necessary to fully govern the city. The council selects the city manager who is responsible for the efficient administration of the business of the city. The city manager holds his office at the pleasure of the council. He shall be chosen solely and chiefly for his administrative ability. The position shall not be limited to residential qualifications. The powers of the council, including the mayor, are purely legislative, except as otherwise provided in the ordinance for the office of the mayor.

(Code 1971, § 2.03(h))

Date elected municipal officials take office.

All elected municipal officials of the city shall begin their respective terms of office at the first regular meeting of the city council in the month of May following the April election.

(Code 1971, § 2.03(1); Ord. No. 81-4, 3-16-81)