Garbage Collection

Weekly household garbage collection is provided by the City and taken to the City owned and operated landfill, located at 803 E. Lake. The landfill can be reached at (618) 548-7781.

The regular garbage collection route is as follows:

  • Monday - Residents south of Main, north of Kell St., west of Broadway, and west of Airport Rd.
  • Tuesday - Residents south of Main, east of Broadway, south of Kell St., and east of Lakeview Dr.
  • Wednesday - Residents north of Main, east of Airport Rd., west of Broadway up to Lakedale Dr.
  • Thursday - Residents north of Main, east of Broadway, east of Lakedale Dr., west of Lakeview Dr.

In order to assure the highest quality waste collection service possible, the City requests that its residential customers assist by adhering to the following collection policies:

A limited volume of residential waste will be collected from each residence on a weekly basis. This waste should be contained in no more than six (6) plastic garbage bags, no larger then thirty-three (33) gallons each. If the smaller household garbage bags are used, we request they be placed in the larger bags or standard waste cans (no more than three cans, please). No loose trash or improperly containerized trash will be collected (for example; cardboard boxes or paper sacks). If cans are used, waste must first be placed in plastic garbage bags and then placed inside cans. As a reminder, household waste must be out before 12:00 a.m. (midnight) the night before the scheduled day of pick up. (The City requests that residents place the waste at curbside no earlier than the evening before collection.)

The City of Salem will not collect large bulky items, i.e. household furnishings, rugs, carpets, mattresses, bedsprings, or any other waste not considered typical household waste, except during special collections.